Barring bring your pet to work day (which is rarer than a blue moon) or the occasional days when I hire a pet sitter, I always leave my two dogs alone unsupervised when I go to work. I lock them in with their toys and treats and hope to God that they don’t chew up something important before I get back from work, which is always around 4 pm or thereabouts. I wish I could spend more time with them, but I can’t take them to work (I work in a Lab – contaminants all around) with me. And even if I could, I really wouldn’t have time to play with them as much as I’d like.

I’m the kind of person that wonders about everything. My colleagues say I have a ‘retro sense of wonder’ whatever that means. But I tend to overthink things, a lot. What do babies think about and why do they smile in their sleep? Why is the sky blue? (I know it’s a result of diffusion, but you get the point). And more importantly, what do my dogs do when they’re home alone?

And ever since I saw The Secret Life of Pets, I have always wondered what my dogs are always up to in my absence. I know it’s not like they are planning world domination or something, but I’ve always just wanted to know.

So, in order to spy on my own dogs, I got this pet camera. It has a WiFi and an audio speaker that lets me talk to them and see them. And would you believe it, I can follow them from room to room and see what they are up to. The best part of this is, I can even give them treats – from inside my laboratory! Unreal, I know, but true nonetheless. I just pour in their favourite treats and when they are good, which is most of the time, I can just swipe them a couple of treats. It’s been so amazing, it’s like I can connect to them on a deeper level. I can teach them tricks. And this pet treat camera even tells me when they’re doing something naughty.

They are such good little dogs that I felt guilty about not trusting them in my absence. I absolutely love this pet treat camera. It has brought me closer to my babies. And even when I’m not physically there, they know I’m just a voice away.