Summers are not just irritating for human beings, in fact, it is more irritating for pets too. However, most people despite the burning summer heat like to exercise, play outdoor and try spending some quality time with their lovely pets. With the excitement of summer, it is always better to be a little cautious about the health of your pet especially if it is a dog. When your dog is healthy, you end up living a hygienic life too.

Following are some tips that will ensure your dog’s health and happiness during this summer season.

Hot Weather Treatment:

Dogs are no different from humans. If you want to have some fun time with your dog then make certain your dog does not feel low on energy due to excessive heat exposure. Like humans, dogs also feel dehydrated, lethargic, and exhausted and if we as pet owners do not supply them with proper energy doses like water, food, and shade then chances are they may fall sick adversely.

Protect from Hazardous Sunrays:

Well, for humans, sunscreen works wonders to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Dogs, when exposed to excessive sunlight during summers may suffer from skin cancer as well. So to protect them from those dreadful sunrays, ensure you apply sunscreen to your dog as well especially, if it has white or a light color hair. This helps dog enjoy the summers without any skin danger.

Protection Against Parasites:

During the warm weather, dogs love to play outside in the sun and this extra hard work leads to extra sweat which gives life to parasites and fleas that grow rapidly during the summers. So, make sure during hot months your dog does not catch a fatal disease caused by these fleas and ticks by taking expert care of him. To know where to get the expert advice on this, visit,

Leaving Dogs In Cars Is Not A Good Choice:

We have seen a lot of pet owners leaving their dog in the car under the impression that a little oxygen will help the dog is alive. Well, this is the most dangerous thing any dog owner can do to his dog as dogs maintain their body temperature according to the air present around them. So, if the car has hot air, the body temperature of the dog automatically rises which leads to deadly consequences.

Observe Your Dog:

Dogs are like kids, they love to play all the time. However, the dogs feel more heat as compared to human beings, therefore, odds are that they feel dehydrated and exhausted soon. Observe your dog closely, if he is panting more then probably he needs some rest and water. If these still do not work then you need to consult a vet as there must be a serious problem.

Protect Feet:

Imagine yourself walking barefoot at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on roads. Well, you know what will happen to your feet after an hour or a day? If you cannot do this to you then how can you let this happen to your dog? When dogs walk barefoot on concrete then they end up burning their paws and shedding their skin. To ensure your dog’s feet are fine during summers, either buy pads for the feet or take them out during early morning or late evening only.

Protect Against Water:

Dogs are most afraid of water, therefore, never assume that your dog will swim the way you do or those flashy ads show. Just like humans, they go nervous and lose their senses when it water which results in drowning. So, we advice never take your dog near to lakes, seas, and pools. Also, observe him closely when he is water, he may seem ok but he may need your help eventually.

No Haircuts During Summers:

We love that groomed look all the time, don’t we? Well, this groomed look may be dangerous for dogs during the warm months as his hair helps him to maintain his body temperature. If his haircut is done then he will be more exposed to the sun resulting in sunburn and skin cancer and we know you do not want these to happen him.

Apart from Summers dogs do need the following carefully as well:

  • Double-check your dog understands your simple commands and act accordingly.
  • Let a veterinarian inspect your dog regularly.
  • Have a healthy relationship with your dog by communicating properly and regularly
  • Give him a good quality diet and know what he is allergic to
  • Take proper care of his dental hygiene

Summers are wonderful for dogs, however, only when proper care is taken to ensure their health, happiness, and personal hygiene.