sick ill cold dog with fever

Every single living being on this earth requires proper care, and when you have pets in your house,then for them you also need to make some preparations to keep them safe and sound.Nowadays the most common pet that is being kept inthe house is a dog.

So for that, you are going to need a Dog First Aid Kit, as no one knows in what condition your dog could get in the time of some crisis or during some fight with other animals. Or this might be possible thatwhile playing your dog jumps and break some bone while hitting a wall or fence of your house yard.

Treat Yourself

So before you take your dog to the vet, who know what pain that poor creature has to face, and that is why you always need a first aid kit for your pet inside your home.Now as this kit is going to be used for a bit different purpose than the usual one, so it is obvious that it will contain some other equipment as well which are used in the treatment of animals.

Now many people use alcohol for the open wounds, but that is not just the right way to treat an open wound. So, first of all, there should be a disinfectant, which you can use for the wounds and bruises. Then after that, you need to cover that part of your pet’s body with bandage or wrap.

Primary Equipment

And now that is the second common equipment that you need to put in the kit. While an animal is hurt, then that is the time when it gets really aggressive. And you being anowner cannot even control him in such a condition.

So in order to treat your dog, you need to cover the mouth of a dog with a slip lead. Then there is a thermometer, but you cannot use the normal thermometer that you usually keeps in your house. For animals, there is an advanced type of thermometer with different measurement levels. Then there are paw boots which are specially designed to keep the paws of your dog safe from any further injury, just in case if the paw of your dog is hurt.

Other Equipment

If your dog has got some cut with a sharp thing, then that wound can be closed with the help of Styptic Line, but if the wound is open and major, then in order to seal that wound you need Restorative Stapler before you cover that wound with a bandage. After that, there is a spray used on the wounded area to cover it from germs. Then there is anaesthesia, which can calm your dog for a while when you will take it to the vet. While your dog is playing outside, then either there is dirt, sand or any other material that could enter in his eyes, and can cause some infection and pain in the eyes. So you should always have an eye cleanser to clean the eye on the spot.