Because of their strong willpower, the pomeranian teacup is able to share the household with other dogs perfectly. They are also able to share it with another pomeranian teacup. If one has not experienced the pleasure of being with a pomeranian teacup dog before, it would be a better idea to consult an experienced dog trainer, who has a good experience of training a Pomeranian teacup dog in obedience. This will help one to build a good relationship with the dog.


Pomeranian teacups are too small with a fragile bone structure .they should be treated carefully, so that they are not hurt or injured.  One should essentially learn to discipline the dog, without any physical punishment. Some of the great methods of training a dog can be potty pads along with determination, patience and a smile, which eventually leads to success.


Now you must be thinking that you can’t have a pet better than a pomeranian teacup dog. These dogs fantabulous and are very devoted to their owners. They have proved to be awesome companionship for the dog lovers. Pomeranian teacup dogs exercise by themselves in the small space which is provided. They do their regular exercise whenever required.  The Pomeranian teacup dogs are devoted to your lap, they are loyal and protective and proves to be an excellent pet.


Even if one is sure that their Pomeranian teacup is well socialized, they can still be groomed better as they are such cute pets. If we consider them as our children, we need to make sure that they should be good at following our direction. These directions can be like this,  they should be asked to play gently. As we know that the pomeranian teacups are a small dog, their adorably cite face is perfect for the young ones .although, their small size makes them more fragile. But if the child likes wrestling, or run with extremely high energy with the pet, pomeranian teacup dogs probably do not make the right match. Pomeranian teacups love to play indoors as well as outdoors, but they should be handled with love and care.


One can leave their pomeranian teacup home alone if the cute little creature is healthy enough, but it is mandatory to take some safety steps to keep it safe. Some of the pomeranian teacups are smaller than the standard size, it is advised to leave some food for them when they are alone at home. This ca n’t be true that a cute lil pomeranian is not capable to eat.  It won’t eat much at a time like other big dogs, but they can definitely eat like any other little puppy.