Dwelling in the city can be a difficult challenge for many cat breeds and that is why it is important to choose the ones that can adapt to such city lifestyles. It is easier to go for the low hair-shedding cats that are indoor breeds. Cats can be very playful, cuddly and entertaining. Some breeds to possess different personalities even though they are more suited to smaller homes. This means they can tolerate being on their own for a while and then become stressed when they don’t see their owners. Generally, cats are homelier and less aggressive for city life, than dogs. The following cat breeds are believed to be more suitable for the city lifestyle.

The Sphinx

This is a hairless breed; hence you don’t have to worry about buying cat clippers. They can be easily catered for and are the top choices for owners with allergies. These cat breeds do possess some clownish type of attention-seeking personalities, and they are always interested in all human activities. The sphinx can be very social and they are suitable for families with older kids.

The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is another cat breed that is suitable for city life. Though the breed is quite shy with strangers and it is more reserved when compared to the likes of Siamese cat breeds. These cats can be very loving and loyal to the family. They are very quiet and gentle and don’t get obsessed with the spotlight. They do require lots of quiet attention.

While they can be docile, they sometimes require active play and they do require enough space to run around. Due to their high level of intelligence, the Russian Blue can be quite easy to train, especially in behavioral teachings. These cats enjoy the fetching game with their owners and sometimes they like to be walked around. They do have short coats that are quite easy to maintain with the ideal cat clippers. They have a laid-back nature that makes them very fit for most city homes.

The British Short-Hair

This is one of the best cat breeds for both smaller homes and city apartments. The breed is characterized by low energy levels and also requires less space when compared to other breeds. They are completely relaxed and do have a low temper.

Not known for being athletic but they can be great companions. They can adapt to family life quickly, and they can live happily with other pets and small children. The adult male of this cat breed can weigh between 7 and 17 pounds hence they can grow to be some of the largest cat breeds around. Their short coats are quite easy to maintain and they hardly trigger any allergy within the home.

The Persian Cat

The Persian cat breed is the best option for owners who have plenty of time to play with them. This does not mean they wouldn’t survive alone for a long time, they just require some playtimes to bond with their owners.

They are quiet and lovable, they are also characterized by their sweet tiny voices. Since these cats can adapt quickly to children and other pets, you will find it easier to leave them in the hands of the good company whenever you go out.

You need to keep in mind that grooming is an essential part of raising a Persian cat because it has long hair. You will need to devote some time to the cleaning and combing of the hair. A regular bath is also recommended, at least once in every month, if you don’t take the cat outdoors for too long. You can rely on dog clippers to level down the hair when it grows too quickly.

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is surely the ideal cat for city living. These breeds can grow very large, with the adult male weighing up to 20 pounds at full maturity but they are quite laid back in nature.

Ragdolls are not as active as most of the cat breeds on this list and they are very good around children and other pets too. Despite being heavy –weighted these cats are happy when being carried around the house, and they pay close attention to training too.

 They also have long fur, hence they require regular grooming, especially with the required cat clippers. They do groom themselves quite often and they are not as messy as some other breeds such as Siamese.  Their fur does not tangle like those of Siamese cats. You can groom their hair once in every 30 days to reduce shedding.


Experts suggest that you should go for an adult cat if you are moving into a large city and you haven’t raised a cat before. Adopting an adult cat will surely make pet care a lot easier since most of these adult cats are already trained for good behavior. Kittens are not as mellow and calm as adult cats and that could be a very important aspect of raising a cat in the city.

There are lots of other cat breeds you may also want to consider especially for a very busy city. The Siamese, for instance, is a classic breed that is so elegant and stylish in every appearance. It is quite easy to groom and it stays loyal to its owner always. It is quite an intelligent and forever curious cat but can be too chatty for your liking.

The Maine Coon is another cat breed you should consider for the city life. It is often referred to as a gentle giant because of its gentle characteristics. The male breed can grow up to 25 pounds in weight but don’t let this intimidate you because it is easy to care and play with them.  Another breed that is worth mentioning and recommending for the city lifestyles is the Manx which is characterized by its short or missing tail. This cat is also laidback in nature, but it is popular for chasing rodents away from the home, hence it could be a great companion.