By using a turnout rug, one can easily manage to protect his/her horses from harsh weather conditions and moisture and allow them to stay warm. The type of turnout largely depends upon the temperature and climatic conditions related to your horse’s lifestyle.

They are accessible in mostly three weight segments based upon the grams of filling which in turn decides the degree of warmness accorded to the horses.

Similarly, they also vary greatly in dimensions, whose names are mentioned below:-

  1. Half neck- Its main motive is to lower the pressure on the withers and provide additional coverage.
  2. Separate neck- This offers the benefit of choosing whether to add extra coverage on the basis of weather conditions.
  3. Standard- This is the usual rug shape ending at the horse’s withers and comes with no neck cover.
  4. Combo- Available in similar shape to that of standard one but differs in providing an assimilated irremovable neck cover.

Let’s study the interiors and exteriors of a turnout cover and understand it can allow a turnout rug to be used inside as well as outside?

The inside

This aspect is important to consider as it impacts the degree of comfort, warmth, and coat condition. Your rug requirements would decide the kind of lining and filling to be implemented on the rug. For example, if you want to augment your horse shine, then a nylon rug would hold large significance.

Similarly, to enhance the level of warmness, one must ensure high-quality fillings such as Flectalon for optimal results.

The outside

This portion holds relevance to avoid any leakages. Yet, this is the part that will be in contact with the outside, resulting in a great amount of tear. Hence, selecting the exterior material should be highly important.

For example, for a robust and durable cover, consider opting for ripstop canvas made rugs. This item, being grid-woven with polyester prevents it from severe damage. Another great option could be ballistic nylon. It is mostly used in bulletproof vests.

Additionally, by having a conventional cross fastening of two surcingles, keeping the rug in place would be of great ease for the spine. In the market, you would notice rugs available with two or three surcingles. However, this aspect would hardly make any difference in safety, if tightened correctly.

Hence, it could be noted that with the correct selection of turnout rugs, they can be put into use to work for inside as well outside. This would not only result in great health advantages such as in mental, respiratory, and gut areas but would also ensure it gets adapted to the horse’s regime perfectly.

Moreover, it also makes the turnout environment comfortable and stress-free, thus offering field companions and understanding.