To consider interstate travel of your pet horse, it is important to plan ahead of time. It includes some requirements to be done in advance to ensure your horse’s safe and correct transport. However, many transporting companies and choosing a reliable one may seem to be a daunting task. If you are transporting your horse the first time, try to search for the company you choose to hire. Make sure that you go through the customer review section that can help you know how the shipping company handles pet horses in shipping in the USA. Let us take you through some basics to know for pet horse shipping.

Basic requirements and rules

Different countries and states, including the public modes of transportation, have different requirements for horses’ transport. They should abide by the restrictions on transportation in the USA. When transportation is done across states, or international borders, it is important to have a certification from the veterinary inspection or CVI. The authorities of the destination scrutinize this. Some countries require animals to be kept in quarantine before upon arrival or departure in the destination.

However, the transporting company should comply with the rules of the state to transport the pet horse. You should also know the rules and requirements as master of the horse. Make sure that the rules will not have any negative impact on your horse. These considerations are important before you hire the service of the transporting company.

However, you can also seek assistance from the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association in your pet’s international travel in this relation.

Importance of choosing the right transport service

The transporting services you hire should be aware of the rules and laws to be followed in the USA. The service provider is responsible for helping you get travel permits and help you with veterinary problems when traveling.

Carryhealth certificate    

Before you travel, make sure to obtain a health certificate that has been issued by a veterinary officer the national state government. The certificate should read that the horse has been in your care for more than 60 days. Moreover, you have to produce documents justifying that your pet is free from any contagious disease and other problems.

Things to consider choosing a horse transport company 

  • Safety of pet

The transporting company you choose should ensure suitable comfort, enhanced safety with relaxation for your pet. Also, there are expert grooms who travel on flights with pets. However, this service may vary from one service to another and you should check before hiring one.

  • Customs and tax rules

The services should take care of customs, agriculture details along with taxes involved to ship your pet in compliance with the destination. Also, the insurance needs should be fulfilled before the pet horse is ready to be shipped. These may vary depending on the breed of your pet horse. So, it is better to hire assistance from a reliable source of horse transporting company for professional help.

  • Quality of service

For any change of service such as change of destination, the transport service should be prompt to sanction the change. Try to get in touch with a reputed one that has been in the business for years now. This will ensure the security and safety reach of your horse to its destination. The service providers should help choose from our scheduled flights and make other necessities for horse transport.

  • State requirements 

When shipping a pet horse to the USA, ensure that you have gone through state requirements and the medical tests it requires. This needs to be presented upon arrival at the destination of your pet horse. This is also required at the time of registration for the shipment of your pet.

Other tips to follow 

The shipping company you hire should be an insured one for professional service. Get the contact details as and when required at the time of transport. Depending on the destination and the drops in between, make sure whether there is a chance for the horse to get off from the vehicle and move here and there.

As horses tend to have sensitive stomachs, make sure to send their usual food items they are used to while in transit. If this is the first time, try to discuss in detail with the transport company to know whether they can arrange for hay for your pet on the way. Besides, the horse will be checked during quarantine for suitable health conditions.