Maine Coon kittens

One of the most domesticated cat breeds available is the Maine Coon kittens for sale. They are known for their sharp hunting skills and unique appearance. Being amongst the oldest breeds of cats in North America, they are distinctively larger in size compare to other domesticated house cats. The reason this particular breed of cat is so adaptable is that they are not needy at all and shower their humans with a lot of affection. They can easily adapt to living with other cats in the house and ensure a good environment.

Maine Coon cats are available in many different colors. However, the most common colors they are been seen in are tiger striped and brown tabby. However, nowadays pet owners look for colors like fawn, chocolate, red etc. The Maine Coon breed has unique colors which makes them very eye-catchy.

These cats are referred to as gentle giants. They have a tough bone structure, rectangular shape, and the presence of a prominent tuft on their chest. These cats are generally broad-chested with legs that are medium-sized. They have double-coated fur. Their fur is flowy and long. It complements their shaggy belly. The males normally grow up to 14 to 18 inches tall while the females grow up to 12 to 16 inches.

They also have a heavy coat that is longer in the stomach region and separates them from the other cats. The only thing you need to worry about in this cat breed is the few diseases that are likely to affect them. However, avoiding the diseases is possible. You just have to get your cat vaccinated on time and keep administering the booster doses of vaccine as and when required.

Maine Coon kittens for sale

These cats are very curious in nature and will follow you around while you do your daily chores around the house. They are extremely non-aggressive and easy to get along with other humans and animals.

These cats share a few traits with the dogs as well. They can be trained to regularly walk on a leash. They love to play games like fetch. These activities make these cats a perfect addition to a household that already has a dog. With Maine Coon cats, you do not have to worry a lot about paying attention or keeping them busy throughout the day. They are relatively happy being left alone and do not demand a lot of attention. So, if you are a person who mostly stays busy with his or her work, these cats would be your cats of choice

The only thing to keep in mind is that these cats get bored if they are given the same toy every day to play with. This breed of cat is highly intelligent and will need you to come up with new toys and ideas to keep them busy on a daily basis. You can either get a cat dancer or captain for your cat. You can also switch between the toys.